Séminaire de Damien Coudreuse au LOF, 14 mars 2024


Damien Coudreuse, Chargé de recherche CNRS à l’Institut de Biochimie et Génétique Cellulaires (IBGC – UMR5095, CNRS / Université de Bordeaux) viendra au LOF le 14 mars 2024 donner une conférence intitulée « Artificial control of cell proliferation and monitoring of cell biophysics using microfluidic technologies ».


My team focuses on understanding key aspects of the processes that control the division cycle of a cell and its biophysical features in changing environments. To this end, we take advantage of synthetic biology approaches and advanced genetic engineering in yeast. Furthermore, to investigate these processes at the single-cell level with a high temporal resolution, we combine high-resolution live-cell imaging with microfluidic technologies. Not only do these methods provide us with unique ways to dynamically control the cellular environment while monitoring cell behaviour in real-time, but they also allow us to quantify cell size, shape and biophysical properties with unprecedented accuracy. In my talk, I will present our progress in using and developing dedicated microfluidic systems and analysis pipelines to gain novel insight into the biology of eukaryotic cells.