Influence of boundary conditions and confinement on non local effects in flows of wormlike micellar systems

In this paper we report on the influence of different geometric and boundary constraints on non-local (spatially inhomogeneous) effects in wormlike micellar systems. In a previous paper, nonlocal effects were observable by measuring the local rheological flow curves of micelles flowing in a microchannel under different pressure drops, which appeared to differ from the flow curve measured using conventional rheometry. Here we show that both the confinement and the boundary conditions can influence those non-local effects. The role of the nature of the surface is analyzed in detail using a simple scalar model that incorporates inhomogeneities, which captures the flow behavior in both wide and confined geometries. This leads to an estimate for the non-local “diffusion” coefficient (ie the shear curvature viscosity) which corresponds to a characteristic length from 1 to 10 microns.

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