FOCUS de l’American Physical Society

L’American Physical Society sélectionne et promeut dans FOCUS des travaux publiés dans ses journaux. En mars 2006, un article intitulé « l’évaporation domestiquée » décrit l’utilisation des microévaporateurs développés au LOF et à l’ESPCI pour l’étude et la formation d’états denses depuis des solutions fort diluées.

« If you let a glass of salt water stand overnight, it can leave beautiful crystals behind. The lab equivalent of this experiment is a common way to study the crystallization process, but evaporation as a way to concentrate material is hard to control, which makes these studies difficult. In the 3 March PRL, researchers describe a new device that can increase a solution’s concentration in a precisely managed way. The device could be useful in laboratory studies of crystallization and other condensation phenomena in fluids, and it may also lead to improved samples for studies of protein structure and better manufacturing methods for high-tech materials with microscale structures.

Molecules dissolved in water will crystallize out if their concentration is increased to the point of saturation. Suspensions of liquid drops or tiny particles, such as plastic beads, will in a similar way form into solid clumps. Researchers would like to better understand the microscale interactions between molecules and particles that cause them to crystallize or dissolve. Ultimately, some would like to exploit a better knowledge of crystallization to create microscale structures for high-tech materials… »

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Ce travail a également été sélectionné par le VJNST, Virtual Journal of Nanoscale in Science and Technology (American Institute of Physics)