Water-soluble RAFT/MADIX polymers : synthesis and use for the preparation of tunable nanohybrid particles

Among the different controlled radical polymerization strategies, RAFT/MADIX polymerization is undoubtedly the method of choice for directly controlling the polymerization of water-soluble monomers in aqueous media. Moreover, the thiocarbonylthio group of the R-S(C=S)Z RAFT/MADIX agent is chemically compatible with a great number of functional groups, which opens numerous options for the synthesis of highly functional hydrophilic (co)polymers with various architectures. Some unprecedentedly well-controlled aqueous polymerizations of common monomers are presented. Various polyelectrolytes and thermosensitive polymers derived from RAFT/MADIX polymerization are used to prepare hybrid polymer-inorganic colloids with tunable properties.