Located in Pessac in a research centre of the Solvay world chemical group, the UMR LOF brings together researchers from the CNRS, the University of Bordeaux and Solvay. Combining high-level academic research and industrial application development, the team works on joint research programs in physicochemistry by exploring them through original experimental methodologies such as miniaturization and instrumentation.

LOF’s research projects are located at the frontier between chemical engineering and soft matter, and all share a common methodology: miniaturization and small-scale observations. This methodology makes it possible to probe soft matter systems in an original way (rheology, transport, phase diagram, etc.), but also to shape these same systems to obtain possibly innovative materials (directed assembly, meta-materials, etc.). A major part of these fundamental research projects are directly related to various Solvay applications: formulations, dispersion rheology, filtration, coatings, functional materials, etc.