Fluorosurfactants for Applications in Catalysis

Due to the specific physical and chemical properties of perfluorinated chains, i.e. stiffness, increased size and extreme hydrophobicity/lipophobicity, fluorosurfactants exhibit enhanced surfactant properties. Consequently, fluorosurfactants have found wide applications in consumer products, industries and research laboratories. In this article, the use of fluorosurfactants for applications in catalytic processes is reviewed. The role and benefits of such additives in catalytic processes to favor the formation of micellar systems in water, in supercritical CO2 or in reactions taking place at liquid-liquid interfaces by favoring the formation of emulsions or by stabilizing microdroplets, will be discussed. Finally, an interesting example of catalysis which takes place at the air-water interface thanks to a fluorous catalytic Langmuir film, will be highlighted.

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