Colloidal nanocrystals as tailored building blocks for nanocomposites and assemblies: original opportunities for functional materials

Recently, increasing interest has been devoted to the study of the size dependent properties of inorganic nanocrystals and nanoparticles, in order to investigate and exploit their original potential. The ability to access nanoparticle properties for devices fabrication is based on their organization in morphologically controlled assembly and/or ordered arrays, with suitable patterning, in order to bridge the gap between nanoscopic and mesoscopic scale.
Assembly procedures allow the formation of original ordered state of matter and the fabrication of 2/3 D patterned micro and nanostructure, representing a promising route for producing functional materials and for processing and integrating the nanoparticles in macroscopic systems to fully develop their unprecedented functionality for materials and devices for biomedical, electronic, catalytic and separation process technologies. In most of the approaches a precise control on the size and shape of the nanoparticles is crucial for driving the assembling and the extent to which the building blocks can be engineered, designed and fabricated with desired features, including encoded instructions for assembling, has been greatly progressing in the last years. This presentation will focus on the potential of exploitation of inorganic nanocrystals and nanoparticles for nanocomposites and assembling. An overview of the inorganic nanocrystal functions in the different and complementary strategies will be outlined, highlighting the novelty and originality of the specific results and placing them in the scenario of the emerging material science, towards the envisioned creation of materials by design.


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